Men's Health Catches Up With Darius

Men's Health sat down with Darius to chat about life, life on the road, life without Hootie & the Blowfish and all the many questions everyone always wants to know. 
Below is a taste of a few questions they asked. Read the rest in detail here
On what you don’t know about country music: 
"The musicians are totally different. Everyone is really accessible. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to talk to Brad Paisley or Carrie Underwood." 
On plowing ahead into a solo career: 
"If I had cared about the naysayers, I would have never made it as a musician. If I had let the negative side of life affect me, I would have never made it in anything. If people like my music, great. If they don’t, you know, hopefully I can make more." 
On performing:
"On a summer night, I lose probably 5 to 8 pounds of water weight and sweat. It’s so hot! You’ve got to be in good shape, especially with a high-energy show. I’m also not a partier. I gave up drinking and all that. I’m in bed at 11 and I’m up at 6:30."
On staying fit on the road:
"When I don’t work out, I get mad. Yesterday, we were filming a music video and I was like, man, I didn’t get my workout in. I don’t love lifting weights. I don’t love being on the elliptical. But I love everything that comes with it. P90X is my exercise on the road. When I'm home, there’s this gym called 9 Round Boxing that I go to. It’s all boxing stuff."