Darius at Home with Country

ESPN talks Darius. Talks country. Talks Darius and country. A few weeks ago he performed a short acoustic set at the ESPN cafeteria, and the song that got everyone singing was "Wagon Wheel," off the new album, 'True Believers.' 
"I love the music," Rucker said in a SportsNation chat. "I said from the late 80s that I would go to country. I think it's going awesome, probably 100 million times better than I thought it would." 

The response to the album so far has been fantastic, he said. "It's been huge. Really better than we thought it would be. Surprisingly, critically acclaimed. It's been great." 

Not only did Darius talk country on this day, but he also spoke about the Miami Dolphins and his golf game. Get the scoop on ESPN here