Boo! Halloween Q&A

Happy Halloween! It's one of Darius' favorite holidays, and he is here talking about it. What question would you ask him on this spookiest of days? 


Question: What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up/now?  

Darius: Halloween was always during football season so most of them I came from practice and went straight to trick or treating. So my favorite costume was a football player.    

Q: Was there one candy you always hated getting while trick-or-treating?  

D: Hated when I got gum. Always wanted candy and gave the gum away.  

Q: What was the greatest pumpkin carving you have seen?  

D: Once saw a carving of the New York skyline. Incredible. 

Q: Do you have a favorite scary movie?  

D: Just Cause and The Exorcist

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